David of Wales

March 01

As popular as he has been for centuries, there is little proven fact about David of Wales' life. According to legend, David (also called Dafydd, Degui, Dmui and Dewi) was the son of King Sant of South Wales. He founded the monastery of Mynyw (Menevia) in Pembrokeshire and became its abbot and bishop. David is credited for spreading Christianity throughout Wales much as Patrick did in Ireland.

One story says that when David saw a vision, he set out for Jerusalem with two other monks with the goal of converting non-Christians. While he was there on a preaching mission, a dove descended on him to show how God blessed him.

More than fifty pre-Reformation churches in south Wales are dedicated to David, who has been the patron saint of Wales since the twelfth century. In statues and artwork he is often shown with a dove.

If David of Wales had taken the Spiritual Types Test, he probably would have been a Sage. David of Wales is remembered on March 1.

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David of Wales