Rabanus Maurus

February 04

Rabanus Maurus was born to noble parents in Mainz, Germany circa 776 and was educated under Alcuin at Tours. He learned Hebrew, Greek, and Syriac. Maurus took religious vows with the Benedictine monastery of Fulda in 801. After theological studies, Maurus became a teacher at Fulda and eventually took over as headmaster of the monastic school. In 822 he was named Abbott and completed the monastery buildings.


Maurus was a famed teacher of his time and developed the Fulda School. Under his leadership the school became an intellectual center in Europe as he worked hard to promote and improve clergy education. He also wrote educational materials, scripture commentaries, sermons, poetry, theological treatises, and an encyclopedia, On the Nature of Things. Maurus was considered one of the most learned men of his century.


In 847 he was named Archbishop of Mainz, and died in Winkel on Rhine in 856.


If Rabanus Maurus had taken the Spiritual Types Test, he probably would have been a Sage. Rabanus Maurus is remembered on February 4.

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Rabanus Maurus