Gabriel Francis Possenti

February 27

Like his namesake, St. Francis, Francesco (Francis) Possenti was born in Assisi, Italy into a wealthy family. As a youth he was known as a party-goer, clothes horse, and good dancer. His nickname was "The Ladies' Man." He excelled at horsemanship and was a good marksman. During a childhood illness he pledged his life to God if he were healed, but didn't make good on that promise until he joined the Passionist Brothers. He was given the name of Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows. Possenti is best known for the time he disarmed a band of mercenary soldiers who were pillaging the village of Isola and saved the village.


Possenti was stricken with tuberculosis soon after he entered the priesthood. Despite his illness he was known as a joyful and compassionate young man. He died in 1862 at the age of 24 at the Passionist monastery at Gran Sasso, Italy. Saint Gabriel is considered the patron saint of youth.


If Gabriel Francis Possenti had taken the Spiritual Types Test, he probably would have been a Lover. Gabriel Francis Possenti is remembered on February 27.

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Gabriel Francis Possenti