Juan Diego

December 09

In December, 1531, the Virgin Mary appeared to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego as he was walking to mass. The Virgin asked Juan to tell the Mexico City bishop to build a church on the hill where she appeared. Juan did as he was told, but the bishop gave no credence to his "vision" even after Mary appeared a second time. If only Juan could bring a sign of this appearance, the bishop said, his story would be more believable. A third time Our Lady came to Juan and asked him to pick the roses at her feet. Juan gathered the flowers into his cape and returned to the bishop. When Juan opened the cape to show the flowers, he discovered a colorful image of a dark-skinned Virgin with Indian features imprinted on the cape's fabric.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, as she was called, soon had her church. Her indigenous features and the fact that she had spoken to Juan in his native Nahuatl language made her meaningful to a wide variety of believers. Juan became a hermit at the church, devoting himself to Our Lady of Guadalupe, and died in 1548 at the age of 74.
If Juan Diego had taken the Spiritual Types Test, he probably would have been a Mystic. Juan Diego is remembered on December 9.

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