Bridget of Sweden

July 24

St. Bridget of Sweden was born into nobility in 1303, and early on developed a love for meditating on Christ. All throughout her life she was visited by prophetic visions, often of Christ himself. Using her prophecies, she served as counselor to kings and popes, condemning as readily as she praised. She had eight children with her husband, Ulf Gudmarsson, the youngest being another saint, Catherine.

Bridget was a friend and advisor to Queen Blanche and King Magnus II of Sweden, until her husband died in 1344. Upon his death, she committed her life to celibacy, and founded a monastery for both men and women, an order called the Brigittines. Bridget made many pilgrimages, and was famous for her efforts to convince three different popes to return to Rome. She finally returned to Rome in 1372, where she died a year later.

If Bridget had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Prophet. Bridget is remembered on July 24.

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Bridget of Sweden