Chundra Lela

November 26

Chundra Lela was born in Nepal in 1840, married at seven, and became a widow when she was nine. Chundra’s father taught her to read Sanskrit and educated her as a Brahmin. When she was thirteen Chundra began a pilgrimage to worship at India’s four great temples. After the seven years she spent visiting these holy places, Chundra was still not at peace, so she continued to visit holy places and shrines. She tried a variety of spiritual disciplines and served as a guru to other seekers.


When Chundra Lela met some Christians she read Christian scriptures, professed faith in Jesus Christ, and was baptized. Chundra continued her pilgrimages with a difference: she preached about Jesus. Like Saint Francis of Assisi, Chundra Lela lived by begging. The little she had, she shared.

Chundra Lela spent her last years living with a disgraced Hindu woman near a road so she could continue to preach to those who passed by. Chundra Lela died on November 26, 1907.

If Chundra Lela had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Sage. Chundra Lela is remembered on November 26.

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