Julian of Norwich

May 13

This fourteenth-century recluse, whose real name we do not know, lived in a hut attached to the Church of St. Julian in Norwich, England. She deliberately hid herself because she believed God had given her a word for all Christians and she wanted them to focus not on her, but on God alone.


When Julian was thirty years old, she become severely ill and thought she was dying. But suddenly all her pain left and she was restored to health. In the early morning of that same day, May 8, 1373, Julian received a series of revelations or "showings" concerning Christ's passion. So powerful were these revelations that she spent the rest of her life helping those who came to her hut to understand the love of God for all creation.

The following is known as "Julian's Prayer," and helps illuminate the spirit of this wise woman of God:
God of goodness, give me yourself.
You are enough to me.
I can ask for nothing less,
for then I would not be worshipping you.
And if I ask for anything less,
I will always be left wanting.
Only in you do I have everything.

If Julian had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Mystic. Julian is remembered on May 13.

Read some of Julian's writings in Encounter with God's Love: Selected Writings of Julian of Norwich


Image from the church of SS Andrew and Mary - St Julian of Norwich.

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Julian of Norwich