James the Less

May 03

"James (first century), and apostle known as James the Less, the son of Alphaeus, may have been "the Lord's brother" (Galatians 1:19). He may also be the James who became the first bishop of Jerusalem and authored the epistle of James.


"This James would certainly qualify as a "lesser" disciple during Jesus' time. He must have quietly been formed and nurtured in the way of Jesus, for after the Resurrection he became one of the leaders of the growing church. James expressed his concern for the issues of the day in a letter. He warned against showing favor to the rich and upheld the link between faith and works, between hearing and doing the Word. He warned against loose tongues, boasting, and judging. James instructed Christians to pray and care for the suffering. His short letter, full of practical advice for being the church, bears reading again. James reminds us that though one may be quiet for a time, the call to leadership may come at any time."

[Quoted from Openings: A Daybook of Saints, Psalms, and Prayer by Larry James Peacock. Copyright © 2003 by Larry James Peacock. Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.]


If James had taken the Spiritual Types Test, he probably would have been a Prophet. St. James' feast day is May 3.


Image: St. James the Less by Angelo de' Rossi. Nave of the Basilica of St. John Lateran (Rome).


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James the Less