Pandita Ramabai

April 05

Pandita Ramabai (1856-1922) was born in India and raised Hindu. Pandita received a thorough education at a time when females were no>t encouraged to go to school. She traveled around India crusading for women's rights and published two books; High Caste Indian Women was a call to feminism for Indian women. Pandita married in 1880 but was soon a widow with a small child.


In 1878 Pandita began to read the Bible in Sanskrit. When she traveled to England, the way a group of Anglican nuns cared for unwed mothers inspired her and Pandita was baptized Christian in 1883. She returned to India and in 1889 founded Mukti Mission, a home for Indian widows of all castes. Mukti later expanded to include orphan boys and unwed mothers. She made a national name for herself as she continued to advocate for child widows and for the full emancipation of women.


Pandita Ramabai studied Hebrew and Greek so she could translate the Bible into Marathi. She began to preach in 1905. King George V conferred on her an award for distinguished public service in 1919, Pandita died on April 5, 1922.


If Pandita Ramabai had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Sage. Pandita Ramabai is remembered on April 5.

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Pandita Ramabai