Corrie Ten Boom

April 15

Cornelia (Corrie) Ten Boom (1892-1983) grew up in a strong Christian home in the Netherlands. When her mother died, Corrie took over management of the family home, kept books for her father's watch shop, and became a licensed watchmaker herself. With her father and sister, Betsie, Corrie opened their home to needy children.

When the Nazis invaded their nation, the Ten Booms joined the underground movement and hid Jewish refugees in attic rooms of their home. In 1944 all three Ten Booms were arrested and taken to concentration camps where they led Bible studies and shared their faith. During her imprisonment, Corrie promised God that if she survived she would spread the message of God's love and forgiveness. Her father and sister died, but because of an administrative error, Corrie was released from Ravensbruck.

Ten Boom dedicated the rest of her life to preaching, writing, and speaking in more than sixty countries about God's love. Her book, The Hiding Place, tells her story. Corrie even faced one of the Ravensbruck guards and, fervently praying for God to work through her, was able to offer him forgiveness for what he had done.

Corrie Ten Boom died on April 15, 1983 in California.

If Corrie Ten Boom had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Prophet. Corrie Ten Boom is remembered on April 15.

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Corrie Ten Boom