Teresa of Avila

October 15

St. Teresa spent much of her early life in consternation because she considered herself to be too great of a sinner. She went to a monastery when she was sixteen years old. Although she was put out by this lifestyle at first, she ultimately chose a nun's life over marriage because she thought that it was the only way to keep herself from sinning. When Teresa became disillusioned with her convent at age 43, she moved out to start her own, a place where quiet reflection and mental prayer were stressed.

Teresa was always more keen on working than on theorizing. She let her love of God shine through her deeds rather than words. For twenty years before her death in 1582, she was instrumental in the creation of seventeen Carmelite convents in Spain and helped to revitalize Christianity in her area. Her most famous work, The Way of Perfection, provided her convents with guidelines on how to operate properly. Today it offers us ways to better live our Christian lives through our prayers and actions.

If St. Teresa had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Lover. Teresa's feast day is October 15. 


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Teresa of Avila