Anne Frank

March 02

Anneliese Marie Frank only lived fourteen years, but the diary she kept while in hiding from the Nazis remains a testament of the human spirit that inspires people around the globe.


Anne was born in Germany on June 12, 1929. After Hitler came into power, her family moved to Amsterdam in hopes they would be safe. The Nazis occupied the Netherlands in 1941 and began to persecute Jewish people. Fearful for their future, the Franks went into hiding in July 1942. Anne, Margot, and parents, Otto and Edith spent twenty-five months crammed into the annex of Otto Frank's business with four other people. Loyal friends kept them alive in their hiding place, but someone's betrayal led to the arrest of all the annex residents, who were taken to concentration camps.


Nine months later, Anne Frank died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen in March 1945. Her mother and sister also died, but Otto survived and returned to Amsterdam where he discovered that one of their friends had found and saved the diary Anne kept while in hiding. The Diary of A Young Girl, translated into 67 languages, is an important document of the cost of intolerance and war.


If Anne Frank had taken the Spiritual Type Test she probably would have been a Lover. Anne Frank is remembered on March 2.


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Anne Frank