Anna White

December 16

Anna White (1831-1910) grew up and was educated as a Quaker (Society of Friends). As a young adult traveling with her father, Anna met some Shakers at New Lebanon, New York, and was impressed by their style of worship. The Shakers (a nickname for those in the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing) were a Christian sect founded by Anna Lee in 1747. They lived celibate lives in self-sufficient settlements based on equality of the sexes, pacifism, ownership and were known for beautiful furniture and crafts. The 6000 acres of New Lebanon (later called Mount Lebanon) were home to more than 600 believers. Before she turned nineteen years old, Anna joined the Shaker community at New Lebanon, New York.

Anna White rose to leadership in the New Lebanon community and by 1865 was an associate eldress in charge of the younger girls. She compiled two books of Shaker hymns and wrote her own music. Anna co-wrote a Shaker history and wrote another book called The Motherhood of God.

Eldress Anna White worked for peace and women's rights in the Shakers' pacifist tradition. She died in New Lebanon in 1910.

If Anna White had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Lover. Anna White is remembered on December 16.

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