Aidan of Lindisfarne

August 31

Off England's northeast coast, just south of Scotland lies the holy Island of Lindisfarne where a statue of Saint Aiden attests to his importance in the region. Irish-born Aidan was the premier Christian missionary who restored the Christian faith to people who had returned to paganism after earlier missionaries left.


King Oswald of Northumbria was baptized Christian at the Iona Monastery and asked for help in evangelizing the pagan people under his crown. The first missionary sent from Iona failed. Aidan traveled to Lindisfarne, established a monastery which became a center for learning in northern England, and became its Bishop. He walked from village to village to meet people and share his faith. Many Northumbrians gave their lives to Christ.


Aidan is credited with numerous miracles. When pagans tried to burn down the city of Bambrough, Aidan prayed for help, and the attacking army soon found itself under the smoke as the fire turned away from the city toward them.


Aidan died in 651.


If Aidan of Lindisfarne had taken the Spiritual Types Test, he probably would have been a Lover. Aidan of Lindisfarne is remembered on August 31.

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Aidan of Lindisfarne