Catherine of Genoa

September 15

St. Catherine of Genoa was born in 1447. When she was sixteen she was betrothed to Julian Adorno, who was known to be a spendthrift and less than faithful, already having a mistress and a child. Catherine entered a period of severe depression. But in 1473, she prayed to God for help, and had an emotional experience that changed her life. So powerful was this experience that Catherine could not move for days. She spent the next year in penance and tireless service to the poor.

Catherine's husband was affected greatly by her devotion. After she experienced God's love, Julian became bankrupt and decided to turn his life toward helping the poor alongside Catherine. After Julian died in 1497, Catherine cared for his mistress as well as his illegitimate child. She spent her last years as the director of the Pammatone Hospital, which served the sick and poor in the area. Catherine explained her attitude best when she said: "If of the love my heart feels for God one drop were to fall into hell, hell itself would altogether turn into eternal life."

If St. Catherine had taken the
Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Lover. Catherine's feast day is celebrated on September 15.

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Catherine of Genoa