August 13

St. Radegund was born in AD 518, and when she was twelve years old was kidnapped from her native Germany by Frankish raiders. Shortly thereafter, she was married to King Clothaire, who mistreated her severely. She endured his beatings and mockings of her ethics stoically, but when the king had her brother murdered, she left the court in a great display of bravery.

Radegund then went to Poitiers, where she founded a monastery that welcomed both men and women in 557. When she heard that a war was raging nearby, she wrote to both sides of the struggle, urging a peaceful resolution to the violence. Radegund's most famous achievement was securing a piece of Christ's cross for the newly built church at the monastery. On August 13, 587, Radegund passed away peacefully, surrounded by two hundred of her sisters.

If St. Radegund had taken the Spiritual Types Test she probably would have been a Prophet. Radegund is remembered on August 13.


Image public domain -- Wayside shrine St Radegund in St Nikolai in the community of Ruden - Saint Hemma.

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