Clare of Assisi

August 11

St. Clare was born in 1196, and was already a faithful Christian when she heard St. Francis of Assisi preaching in 1211. Escaping an arranged marriage, she heeded the advice of Francis to devote her life to God, and she organized a group of women called the Poor Ladies of San Damiano. Under her leadership the group survived on charitable donations from locals, rather than begging for alms as the monks did. Following the rules that Clare herself set down, the Poor Ladies of San Damiano went barefoot, never ate meat, and wore rough habits.

Clare's theology was centered on her concept of Christ-the-Mirror: that one must hold up Christ as a mirror to one's own faith, and strive to live as he did and be as he was. Due to Clare's popularity, convents of her followers appeared all throughout Europe. Clare herself, though, remained abbess at San Damiano until her death in 1253.

If St. Clare had taken the Spiritual Types Test, she probably would have been a Mystic. Clare is remembered on August 11.


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Read some of Clare's writings in The Riches of Simplicity: Selected Writings of Francis and Clare.

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Clare of Assisi