Mary Magdalene

July 22

According to Luke 8:2, Mary Magdalene was healed of seven demons by Jesus, and then became a loyal member of Jesus' inner circle of friends. Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus' early followers, a faithful disciple who stood at the cross while Jesus died, was present as his burial, then went to his tomb on Easter Sunday morning to anoint his body. Mary Magdalene is featured in five of the six biblical passages about the resurrection. In Matthew, Mark, and John's accounts, she encountered the living Christ on that first Easter morning. (Luke says she and the other women spoke with two angels at the tomb.) As a witness to his resurrection she proclaimed, "I have seen the Lord" to the other (male) apostles.

Along with Mary and Martha of Bethany, Joanna, and others, she played an important role in that early church community. Despite the fact that her image as a prostitute does not have biblical evidence, Mary Magdalene is considered the patron saint of repentant sinners.

If Mary Magdalene had taken the Spiritual Types Test she probably would have been a Lover. Mary Magdalene is remembered on July 22.

Image tempera on panel by Carlo Crivelli (circa 1435–circa 1495).

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Mary Magdalene