Camillus de Lellis

July 14

Camillus de Lellis (1550-1614) was born in Naples and grew to be a tall man (6' 6"). While fighting with the Venetian army as a young man, he contracted an incurable leg disease that shaped his life and faith until his death. Around 1575 his gambling addiction left him destitute. When he converted to Christianity he attempted to join three different orders of brothers, but was rejected because of his badly abscessed legs.

Camillus went to the hospital of San Giacomo in Rome, received treatment for his condition, and began work as a nurse in the hospital. He also began studies for the priesthood and was ordained in 1584.

Camillus founded the Order of the Ministers of the Sick (Camillians, or Fathers of the Good Death because their primary work was with victims of the bubonic plague). With the help of a wealthy patron Camillus founded his own hospital and implemented his forward-thinking medical ideas that mirrored today's hospice movement.


Camillus is a patron saint of the sick, hospitals, and nurses. He died on July 14, 1614.

If Camillus de Lellis had taken the Spiritual Types Test, he probably would have been a Lover. Camillus de Lellis is remembered on July 14.

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Camillus de Lellis