Louisa Jaques

March 18

Born in South Africa in 1901, Louisa Jaques was an unlikely recipient of visions from God. After her mother died at her birth, Louisa and her sisters were taken to Switzerland to be raised by an aunt. As a young adult she began attending a Catholic church and was baptized on March 18, 1928. Louisa felt herself drawn to religious life in a contemplative convent but because of her poor health, several convents turned down her request to join them. When she was finally accepted in a Poor Clare convent she took the name Sister Mary of the Trinity. In a short time, though, Sister Mary found the order's rules hard to follow, and left for Johannesburg, South Africa, but in time ended up in Jerusalem with the Poor Clares.


Sister Mary began to hear the voice of God. A spiritual director counseled her to keep notes on her conversations with God. In 1942, the year of her death, Sister Mary's mystical experiences were published in French; in 1950, an English translation called The Spiritual Legacy of Sister Mary of the Holy Trinity, Poor Clare of Jerusalem was published.


If Louisa Jaques had taken the Spiritual Type Test she probably would have been a Mystic. Louisa Jaques is remembered on March 18.

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Louisa Jaques