Calendar of the Saints

  • May 01



    Athanasius (ca. 296-373), bishop of Alexandria. A native of Alexandria, Athanasius was appointed a deacon and served as secretary to Alexander, bishop of Alexandria, whom he attended at the Council of Nicaea in 325. In 328 Athanasius succeeded Alexander. Because of his refusal to compromise on the decisions made at Nicaea, he earned the enmity of the Arianizing party that gained much power during the latter part of Constantine's and throughout Constantius II's reign. He was exiled five times. - read more
  • May 03


    James the Less

    "James (first century), and apostle known as James the Less, the son of Alphaeus, may have been "the Lord's brother" (Galatians 1:19). He may also be the James who became the first bishop of Jerusalem and authored the epistle of James. - read more
  • May 10


    John of Avila

    Born Jewish, John of Avila became one of the most outstanding and charismatic preachers of his time. He lived in sixteenth-century Spain during the time of the Inquisition. - read more
  • May 13


    John the Silent

    St. John was born in AD 454, to a wealthy Armenian family. When he was only eighteen years old, he built a monastery for himself and ten friends, so that they might spend their lives in devotion and prayer. - read more
  • May 13


    Julian of Norwich

    This fourteenth-century recluse, whose real name we do not know, lived in a hut attached to the Church of St. Julian in Norwich, England. She deliberately hid herself because she believed God had given her a word for all Christians and she wanted them to focus not on her, but on God alone. - read more
  • May 14


    Mary Mazzarello

    Maria Domenica Mazzarello was born to an Italian farming family in 1837. When she was fifteen she began volunteer work with the Association of Daughters of Mary. She nursed some of her relatives during a typhoid epidemic and contracted the disease herself, which left her unable to help at her family's farm. - read more
  • May 15


    Isidore the Farmer

    "Saint Isidore the Farmer (1070-1130), a humble farmer, wrote nothing and founded no monastery, yet he lived a life blessed with signs, wonders, and great charity that touched the people around him." - read more
  • May 20


    Bernardino of Siena

    Bernadino of Siena (1380-1444) was born near Siena, Italy. When he was orphaned at age six, his aunt raised him and helped him receive an extensive education (including a law degree). During a bubonic plague outbreak in Siena, Bernadino cared for the sick, then joined the Franciscan Brothers in 1402. - read more
  • May 22


    Rita of Cascia

    Although Rita Lotti (1377-1457) wanted to be a nun from the time she was young, her parents had her married at the age of twelve. Eighteen years later, her husband was murdered in a vendetta. When her two sons swore revenge, Rita talked them out of it. The sons died within a year. Left alone, Rita devoted herself to prayer and good works. - read more
  • May 25



    Known to us today as "The Venerable Bede," this saint was a wise one. He lived in England 673 to 735, spending his life from age 7 in the Wearmouth Abbey in Northumberland. As a Benedictine, his hours would have followed a regular schedule of worship and prayer, study, teaching, and writing. - read more
  • May 27


    Augustine of Canterbury

    Italian born, Augustine became a monk and prior of Rome's St. Andrew's Monastery. When he was chosen by Pope Gregory the Great to lead forty monks in Anglo-Saxon evangelization, Augustine sailed in Kent in A.D. 597 and soon had baptized Ethelbert, king of Kent, and thousands of other new Christians. Since Britain had been home to Christianity for several centuries, this was not an entirely new venture - read more
  • May 30


    Joan of Arc

    This young peasant girl is probably one of the most recognized saints in the world. Joan of Arc was born in January of 1412 on the border of France and Lorraine and lived just nineteen years. Her youth coincided with a French civil that war raged between the houses of Orleans and Burgundy; at the same time, France and England remained embroiled in the Hundred Years' War. - read more
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